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Roads Less Traveled

Take a day trip or stay a week and explore West Virginia's scenic byways. Plan your route with a map or take the roads less traveled. Either way, breathtaking beauty awaits around every mountain curve! A road trip in each season will offer something different from the one before.

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~ Fall Foliage Driving Tours ~

With nearly 80 percent of West Virginia covered in trees, a colorful fall driving tour is a sure bet. Whether you take a week’s vacation to explore different regions of the state or plan a weekend road trip closer to home, be sure to get out there and take in fall events and activities that celebrate the season, as well as many recreational opportunities all situated in a picturesque setting.

Fall Foliage Photo Gallery

New/Greenbrier Valley Byways & Backways
Amongst the rugged mountains and fertile valleys of southern West Virginia, these five roadways – Farm Heritage Road, Mountain’s Shadow Trail, Lower Greenbrier River Byway, Wolf Creek Backway and Lowell Backway – traverse through rolling pastures and historic farmlands.

North Central Byways
Once used as a lush hunting ground for the Mingo and Delaware tribes, north central West Virginia has been known as a source of natural abundance for centuries. Today, the history of the Cheat River Byway, Old Route 7 and the Northwestern Turnpike is still celebrated as the area continues to grow with new industry and the ever-expanding West Virginia University.

Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike
Spanning the width of the state, the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike National Scenic Byway witnessed some of the great Civil War battles that determined the future of western Virginia. Begun in 1838, the turnpike followed ancient Indian paths from Staunton, Virginia to the Ohio River port at Parkersburg, (present-day) West Virginia.

Midland Trail
Once a major migration route for vast herds of buffalo, Midland Trail has seen many changes in the Mountain State’s landscape. History surrounds this byway as it makes its way through the two largest cities in the state – Charleston and Huntington – offering visitors plenty to do and see.

Washington Heritage Trail
Driving down the Washington Heritage Trail, it is hard to determine whether the history of the land or the scenery is more amazing. Everything from Civil War battle sites to historic spas dot the landscape on this national scenic byway.

Highland Scenic Highway
Entirely surrounded by the Monongahela National Forest, the Highland Scenic Highway makes its way through some of the most breathtaking and unique scenery on the continent.

Historic National Road: West Virginia’s All-American Road
While America was still in its infancy, a novel idea was hatched to build a roadway that would connect the fertile frontiers of the Midwest to the seaport of Baltimore, Maryland. Eventually this road would stretch from Baltimore, Md. to East St. Louis, Ill., and on its way, it would have to pass through the narrow northern panhandle of what is now West Virginia.

Little Kanawha Byway
Perhaps the most accessible of all of West Virginia’s byways, the Little Kanawha Byway is bookended by I-77 and I-79. This roadway is perfect for RVs and others wanting a smooth ride so they can take in all of the beautiful pastoral sites.

Coal Heritage Trail
This journey through southern West Virginia's coal country takes visitors back to a time when coal was king and business was booming. The National Coal Heritage Area preserves and protects the coal mining heritage of West Virginia through preservation of historical museums and displays.

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